MAT Intentions™ are Mindful Affirmation Tags used as visual reminders when setting daily intentions. This transformative practice allows our mindset to shift into a more positive state throughout the day and focus on what we want to attract more of into our lives. The interchangeable tags attach onto fastener(s) and may be placed on any surface of choice such as:
water bottles, dashboards, mirrors, candle votives, yoga mats, laptops, appliances, etc. Anywhere you'd like to be visually inspired and motivated.
                       Live with intention to create all that you desire.  If not now, when?   


Humans think over 70 thousand thoughts a day and over half of them are negative. This kind of negativity can lead to ....
  • Insecurity
  • Self sabotage
  • Stress
By shifting our mindset to focus on what we desire and using visual reminders to enhance the process, you become that much more able to summon your best life possible. Thoughts become things. Visually having an intention as your focal point is a great reminder as to what you want to attract more of into your life. 
Transformation occurs with repetitive actions. Results don't occur overnight. You don't lose weight by a single healthy meal or going to the gym once. It takes consistent practice and rituals. The same is true for our state of mind.

How to use

  1. Peel off the paper backing from the included Velcro fastener(s).
  2. Adhere sticky side onto any surface of choice such as water bottle, mirror, dashboard, etc. This piece is to remain secured.  
  3. Select the intention you’d like to focus on and place it on top of the secured fastener.
  4. Interchange intentions daily creating a transformational intention setting practice.

    Note: When interchanging your intentions, please hold down the bottom fastener to prevent it from lifting. 


Includes 5 Intentions, 1 pouch, & 2 fasteners. 

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Abundance Pack


Gratitude Pack



Mindfulness Pack



All 15 words


All 15 words.jpg

Individual Intentions 


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Packets Include:
5 intentions, carry along pouch, 2 fasteners

Intentions are:

  • 1"X2.75"

  • 100% woven for durability, highest quality, and bendable allowing adhesion onto round surfaces

  • Soft to prevent injury

  • Able to withstand hot temperatures

  • Easy to clean: gentle hand wash with soap and water; let air dry

  • Tags and packaging are eco friendly, reusable, and made with recyclable material.

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Additional Carry Along Pouch


additional carry along pouch.png



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Wholesale pricing is available upon request.  

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